Six Things I Learned About Relationships (Lesson 4)

This has been a requested post, and I hope that it will be useful to many of you. 

Relationships can be tricky and require a certain degree of patience and open-mindedness. The quality of any relationship is directly dependant on what you are seeking and what stage of life you are in. Basically, you get to decide what type of relationships you would like to attract. 

In the following, I will talk about six aspects that are important while making and attracting new relationships. 

Expect absolutely nothing

Most people come in with too many expectations on the table. Personally, I think this is a recipe for a disaster. Try to go in not knowing what to think and come out surprised. This principle can be applied to absolutely everything in your life. 

Have something in common

This could be background, hobbies, personalities, vocation, life experiences, and etc... Think of it as a foundation. The things you have in common will create an opportunity to converse and connect at a greater level. 

Spend time

But, how much time? If you're like me, then you are able to figure out from the first meeting whether you're interested in getting to know the person or not. If you pay attention, then you could even know in fifteen minutes. Once you pass this stage, you can proceed to casual meetups. 

When I spoke to one of my best friends at a group meetup for the first time, I knew that I would click with her. We had similar backgrounds and personalities, which gave ample of room to create a great, genuine friendship. Now, we laugh about how we had to formally see each other to finally get to the level of spontaneously meeting. 

Sometimes, you may meet someone that you will know he or she is meant to be in your life. I remember meeting one of my closest friends waiting in line at a threading shop. I knew right away that we will always have each other's backs. Always trust your gut! 

Talk is cheap

A lot of people like to talk about what they have or do. Others even like to fill up conversations with mundane and shallow topics. Some just talk to hear themselves talk. Many will even promise you things just to make themselves look good in front of you. These individuals have low vibrations and it would be best to let them go.  Instead, you want to see what their actions are towards you. 

Communicate, communicate, communicate, and keep communicating

You click and have something in common, and the interation is positive. What is there to lose? 

Make and share memories

Explore, eat, laugh, and create experiences or become awesome couch potatoes together. Years down the line, stories will be shared and passed on. What will they be for you? 

Lesson Five:

All your relationships are reflections of you.