•Into the Woods•

The Story

During a fine day in October, my friend Mavis and I were both sitting on the couch, wondering what we could do with our time. I was waiting for my OPT status to kick-in, and she was waiting for a response from grad school. We both felt anxious about the future; so we decided that we needed to find productive ways to occupy ourselves.

Mavis pulled out her planner and said, "We are going to do a photoshoot twice a week until I leave for Zimbabwe this November. You need to take your photo game to another level, and in return, I will have pretty pictures of myself to post." In the next few weeks, many Youtube makeup videos were watched, outfits were curated, locations were scouted, delicious food was eaten, and finally, fond memories were created.

"Into the Woods" is the last photoshoot that Mavis and me collaborated on. I'm happy to actually see and acknowledge my growth as a creative in these photographs. Ten years of photographing, post-processing and self-teaching had finally paid off. 

Special thanks to my dear and beautiful friend Mavis for believing, supporting, and pushing me everyday to strive for greatness. What would I do without you? Love you! x 


All of these were shot in Golden Gate Park, following a modern fairy-like, nature theme.