Patience & Flow

Honestly, I hate it when someone tells me to go with the flow.

My patience is usually at its limits whenever I hear that I need to be more patient.

But, why do I have to be so patient if I have already put in so much sweat, blood and tears into my work for so many years? Why is it necessary to trust in the process?

Let’s think about this:

You find a seed, and you decide to plant it.

After a few weeks, you begin to see the sprouts of your patience grow.  Now, don’t you feel accomplished?

If we could apply this sort of mentality to our goals and tasks, life can become much easier for us.

Wait, what? Easy?

For example, I began posting on Instagram a couple of years ago. It was not until I was in flow with the process over the past five to six months that the number of followers I had doubled!. All I knew was that I felt creatively inclined and happy (I still am) when I wasn’t expecting much from the end-result. So, the more positive energy you put into your goal or task, the quicker it will manifest.

Do not mistake this with hard work. If you work on something really hard and you do not like it, your success will most likely not manifest.  This is why many people switch career paths, they simply don’t feel connected to their work.  

Instead of focusing solely on hard work, focus on the notion of diligence, where hard work is combined with conscious, positive energy.

Have you ever felt like you were having fun with what you were doing? This is a sign of creative flow and alignment to your life’s purpose.

So, go ahead! You deserve to do what you like and to be consciously happy.