24 Things I Learned This Year

I turned twenty-four yesterday, so I decided to compile a list of things that I learned this past year. 

  1. If something scares you, then it's worth pursuing. Well, why not? 
  2. True friendships last even across time, distance, and inconsistent communications. 
  3. If something hurts you, then leave it. Nope, it's not worth it. 
  4. Kindness and compassion can take you very far in life. 
  5. Blessings come to you when you need them the most. 
  6. Fall in love with yourself (not in a narcissistic manner though).
  7. Life is an interesting road trip. Choose to be the driver, not the passenger. 
  8. Your life is here in the present, not in the past or the future. 
  9. Jealous people are everywhere. Send them some love to open up their eyes. 
  10. Do what you enjoy, because no one else will do it for you. 
  11. Forgive and move on - we all make mistakes. 
  12. One can never explore enough. 
  13. Keep your mind open towards everyone and everything you come across. You might never know what you will learn! 
  14. If you don't like something, then don't do it. It's that simple!
  15. Cut off energy vampires...Bye bye bye! 
  16. Tell your mind to shut up when you are over-thinking. 
  17. Stay humble... I repeat, stay humble. 
  18. What you seek is seeking you. 
  19. You don't have to take everyone's point-of-view.
  20. Trust your gut.
  21. FInd one thing positive in a bad day, focus on it, and then watch how your day changes. 
  22. Have fun all the time even when you think you can't. 
  23. You don't have to communicate with people you don't like. 
  24. The key to happiness is acceptance. Accept the situation for what it is!