Research Findings by Mika a.k.a. the Best Blogger on Planet Earth

Humans are extremely complex creatures to understand. For you to grasp this, I must explain to you my research findings.

My human, Shikha is the most annoying person to study, because of her unpredictable behaviors.

This human is awake at the crack of dawn with her eyes shut, facing a wall and smoke is coming out of wooden stick. Humans like to call this smoky stick incense, and this performance is called meditation. Now, I don’t understand what is the big deal about meditation, because I meditate all of the time. During my deep practice, I think about how I can dominate this planet with my superior intelligence, but Shikha ruins it as she throws an idiotic toy in my face. Seriously, do I look like a dog to you? Nonetheless, the thought of taking over the world drains me out, so I always end up taking a long, powerful catnap. I need energy to take over the world so I will definitely nap first.

My eyes are…. Shutting as…I.…type this…be right back.

Ten minutes later…

OK, I am back.

I noticed that my human likes to drink black, sometimes deep brown water as soon as she wakes up. This is called coffee and my human cannot function without it. When I did some Internet research, I found out that this brown liquid could be fatal for your health and cause heart attacks. Honestly, I would rather let her have this slow poison than watch her be cranky for several hours. It is not amusing to have a cranky human, because that means that the probability of me not being fed on time is extremely high. Do you know how hungry I get in the morning?

I found that human purrs are very different from my purrs. Sometimes, Shikha takes me in her arms and I find myself curiously listening to her purr. The sound of her purr is softer than mine, but it still sounds like a drum. It sounds like this, “Doo-Doom, Doo-Doom, Doom, Doom, Doo-Doom.” Now, I’m not sure why it sounds like doom to me, but it just does. Does this mean that anyone who hears the sound of her purr is bound to be doomed? I mean, my purr is supposed to be healing. Is the human purr healing as well? It’s so fascinating that you can only hear Shikha’s purr if you pay very close attention to it. I know she is alive when I hear her purr.  

I have several more findings for you, but I cannot present all of them in this tiny space. Shikha says that we cannot post essays on blogs, because our long posts will irritate readers. So, my friend, I will leave you with this picture of me when I was skinny during my first photo shoot. I am a year old in this photograph; hence, do not make fun of my young face. Stay curious and keep purring my friend!