Group chat: Mind, Heart, and Shikha

(10:11 PM) Mind has entered the chatroom.

(10:13 PM) Heart has entered the chatroom. 

(10:15 PM) Mind: Why are we having a group chat? This is a waste of time

(10:15 PM) Heart: Shikha needs us…. She feels sad.. About something… Not sure what so I called a group chat

(10:16 PM) Mind:  You’re annoying, I hope that you know that

(10:17 PM) Heart: I’m not in the mood to argue with you and hear your nonsense

(10:17 PM) Heart: Where is she?

(10:18 PM) Mind: Like I said, this is a waste of time, life and energy.

(10:18 PM) Heart: I think you should shut up

(10:18 PM) Mind: You shut up your guidance is always useless

(10:19 PM) Heart: You’re a selfish piece of crap

(10:20 PM) Mind: Ha you’re dumb and your ideas are stupid

(10:20 PM) Shikha has entered the chatroom

(10:21 PM) Shikha: Sorry I’m late

(10:21 PM) Mind: you’re always late, late to everything

(10:21 PM) Heart: Hello my love! I missed you so much. You are so wonderful I love you my dear

(10:22 PM): Mind: Heart, stop being a people pleaser.. nobody cares

(10:22 PM) Heart: I wasn’t talking to you, so shut up kthanks

(10:23 PM) Shikha: Why are we having a group chat?

(10:23 PM) Heart: Because you seem low and I wanted to check up on you. I miss you!

(10:23 PM) Shikha: aww that’s so sweet..thanks… I’m OK

(10:24 PM) Mind: YES SHE IS OK. SHE IS NOT SAD HEART. Did you read that? Why do you always worry and care so much? SHE IS OK. Once again, this group chat is stupid and useless

(10:24 PM) Heart: Mind, you don’t know her like I know her.  Shikha, are you sure my love? I sensed sadness earlier.. I mean…why would you be blasting a song by Daughter? I can hear it too.. And it’s sad… I’m so sorry that you are upset.

(10:25 PM) Shikha: I am fine don’t worry

(10:25 PM) Mind: She is always blasting that miserable music by Daughter. I don’t know why a singer would choose to sing about returning to her mother’s womb and never coming out of her mother ever again. That’s a recipe for major depression

(10:26 PM) Shikha: I was playing Youth not Smother…….

(10:26 PM) Heart: Omg you were listening to Youth that’s my favorite song ever

(10:27 PM) Mind: omgawddd heart is such a fan girl wooooooo wooooooo

(10:27 PM) Heart: shut up you’re a piece of crap

(10:28 PM) Mind: It’s a depressing song about smoking and losing people

(10:28 PM) Heart: It’s magical and profound

(10:28 PM) Mind: It’s freaking emo just like you

(10:29 PM) Shikha: ……….......................

(10:29 PM) Shikha: I just played it once and you guys think I’m having an emotional breakdown. That’s weird. You two need to stop assuming things

(10:30 PM) Mind: See, heart I told you, you never listen. It’s her fault, not mine. She’s reckless and annoying. Look at the crap I have to put up with everyday

(10:31 PM) Heart: If it wasn’t for me, then Shikha wouldn’t be able to be creative or make art so thank you very much.

(10:31 PM) Mind: I am clapping very slowly for you….. I am the mastermind behind her success not you

(10:31 PM) Heart: I am the reason for her kindness and genuineness

(10:31 PM) Mind: I am the genius that helps her put words down

(10:31 PM) Mind: You’re the idiot that makes her sensitive

(10:31 PM) Mind: Who is greater? Me obviously

(10:31 PM) Shikha: You guys are ridiculous

(10:31 PM) Shikha: I need to go work on something

(10:31 PM) Mind: You can multitask.. I taught you that!

(10:31 PM) Heart: I am Shikha’s Spirit

(10:32 PM) Mind: LOL please. You can’t make sense out of anything without my help

(10:32 PM) Mind: I WIN. Like always. BOW DOWN TO ME.



(10:33 PM) Mind has been logged out of the chatroom by admin Heart

(10:33 PM) Heart: That is what happens when you piss me off

(10:33 PM) Heart: I do what I feel like doing

(10:33 PM) Heart: I love you Shikhaaaaa I’m your number one fan!!!!!!!! <33333

(10:34 PM) Shikha: LOL………….. you guys are so ridiculous