You Are Not a Robot

When I was in eighth grade, I drew an enthusiastic robot and colored it purple. It was surrounded by mechanical, triangular shaped hearts in vivid shades of pink and red. Yes, my robot was kick ass, but my art teacher thought I made an odd choice to draw a robot for our abstract art assignment. Then, I explained myself by stating that humans have become robot-like and it's only fair to depict them as dancing robots. He shook his head in dismay as if I was speaking in another language.

Then, my mind brought me back to the present-day hustle and bustle of Monday morning, watching commuters run from the metro station to their workplaces.

Many of these commuters will start their day in front of a rectangular screen, typing frantically on their keyboards, inputting/exchanging some type of information, and repeating the same procedure throughout the week. If that's not robot-like, then I don't know what is. I even hear complaints from certain friends who have been subjugated to this robotic lifestyle, and with hope in my eyes and a big smile, I say, "You must change it! I know you can do it!" My friends come up with a series of excuses about how it won't be easy and that they can't imagine themselves doing anything else. With each excuse, the sadder they begin to sound and the more lifeless their energy becomes.

That's the issue with the robotic lifestyle. It kills your imagination completely. It sucks the life out of you until your batteries run out. And guess what? These batteries cannot be replaced.

The main problem is that too many of us are taking on jobs that we are not fit to do. Then, we become lifeless energies stuck in a systematic rut. When you watch incredible, talented beings doing things that they are not meant to do, then you begin to wonder what your life's purpose is. Do you want to follow the same pattern? Or will you take another direction? The choice is all yours.  Remember that when you are not happy, then that means that you are going against your purpose. Happiness comes forth when we are doing what we love; thus, we attract more of what we want. This is the law of the universe.