Love is a fleeting emotion that the beloved wishes to grasp. It transcends beyond the realm of infinite light. To love is to breath the air of the omniscient being of love and light. Where there is love, there is life; life was created by the flame of love. Every atom has the invisible force of love; thus, every being is made with love. Without love, we are mere beings of obstruction and destruction, therefore, halting the progress of evolution.

The journey to find the divine requires a steady attention towards love; for it is only when one falls in love can the divine be reached. As the journey evolves from searching for love to becoming love, the soul gains strength to fulfill his or her mission. The first step is to seek love then only does the soul begin to question “Why Seek, when I can find it within Me?” As the soul progresses in discovering his or her true values, love is acquired through the thirst for light. Without light, there is no love, and without darkness, there is no light. A certain degree of darkness is necessary to find light, and a certain degree of light is necessary for love to grow within one’s self.

Darkness is created due to a lack of love in one’s life; therefore, mental illness, addiction, and despair are bred in a challenged, indisposed mind. Soul’s light becomes dim as darkness prevails the body, and the aura withers to black. To wake up from this state of mind requires the being to trust the omniscient being of love and light, and to request soul to lift up the veil of darkness through prayer, meditation and/or simple invocations of I love you Soul. All three methods are powerful and blessed with potent light. Our goal as human beings is to find balance between spirituality and life to harness an authentic lifestyle which brings us loving opportunities and protects us from nazar.

The Brick Wall

Instructions to Building a Wall Around Your Heart 

  1. Receive pain and grief from your beloved ones and carefully seclude Self to an empty space
  2. Begin to believe that the world is cruel and love ignites pain 
  3. Come to a conclusion that opening Self up to others is extremely scary, and one must always remain on guard 
  4. Decide to protect Self by using bricks to build a wall
  5. Admire how invincible the wall you built is 
  6. Remove a brick so that you can establish a narrow perspective on life


  1. Self becomes lonely and depressed 
  2. Self watches and envies those who do not have a wall
  3. Self becomes very defensive about his or her wall when questioned  
  4. Self withdraws when given the opportunity to bring down his or her wall 

I've used a very metaphorical definition to what many individuals are suffering from nowadays. But, I really feel the need to talk about this, especially since I've been coming across several individuals with heavy barriers up. The issue is that many of us have completely lost faith in the process of opening up to love, which leads way to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mistrust in the world, self-loathing, poor relationships and/or other aspects. This is not romantic love. Instead, it's a cosmic love for life and a sense of trust in the process. 

When we become hurt in any manner (usually by people's actions), we automatically feel the need to shield ourselves in order to heal. However, the problem is that we are giving less priority to healing (personal development), and more towards alternating our beliefs in a negative manner. For example, Shikha has been hurt several times; instead of taking time off to reflect and practice self-love, she believes that everyone is out to hurt her. Hence, she secludes herself from everyone and positive, genuine experiences. 

The only solution to healing is to open yourself to the world again. This is very intimidating especially if you have had many negative experiences. In the beginning, your false beliefs will be questioned, and you will have a strong urge to defend them through false judgments. Remember that these false beliefs were created by you when you built your wall to protect yourself from emotional harm. But, these false beliefs are completely pointless if they are secluding you from your ability to experience life positively. 

How do you know someone has a wall?

When you enter his or her life and show them a positive experience, he or she will reject you after realizing that he or she could become even more vulnerable. This is a form of defense and insecurity created by fear. He or she might not believe that he or she deserves to have such a positive experience. This is a form of self-loathing. 

What happens when you trigger him or her?

  1. He or she could become defensive by secluding him or herself from you in order to reassure his or her false beliefs (false judgements about you). 
  2. He or she could realize how his or her wall isn't benefiting him or her anymore. Hence, this could lead to internal change within him or herself. This could also mean that the reason you entered his or her life was karmic or with a purpose. 
  3. He or she could realize, but choose not to alter their beliefs. He or she may not be ready, but you have awoken them unconsciously. 

We must remember that we are naturally inclined to share love towards every being on this planet (plants, animals, and humans). We are resilient beings with a tremendous capacity to heal, but when we allow our mind to create fear or hatred, we allow emotional blockages to happen. This could give way to physical and mental illnesses that can become very challenging to deal with; however, the quicker you become aware of these blockages, the sooner you can heal. People spend years and sometimes lifetimes being surrounded by a brick wall. This is such an unnecessary, traumatic experience that none of us deserve to have.