Year Nine

In numerology, each year carries the vibration of a specific number, ranging from one to nine. This means that one cycle consist of nine years, and towards the end of a cycle, we enter a new period. For the year of 2016, when you add up the numbers (2+1+6), you get the vibration of nine. Therefore, whatever happened this year, consisted of finalizing the old chapter, and getting a new chapter ready for the year of 2017. If you felt apprehensive and/or noticed that things were shifting drastically, then you know why.

For many individuals, the shift happened at the very beginning of the year, and for others, the shift will be happening (very drastically) during November and December. Some people may have had their chapter's ending in the beginning of the year, and spent the rest of the year preparing for a new beginning. When I state shift, I mean major life event occurrences such as marriage, new business opportunities/growth, ending of old relationships/divorce, conclusion of a large project, moving to a new country or city, beginning a long-term relationship/marriage, finding a new employment place, moving to a new house/apartment, and etc...

The year nine will make you tie up loose ends and close the door to the past completely. It has been heavy transformational year for many which may have caused us to question our old belief systems and re-visit the past. All the memories that you've been shoving under the table come forth for healing, and all the achievements (small or large) that you've had want your recognition. There may have been times where you were dealing with the past, present, and future all at once (think in one day or week). You might have learnt some important, painful lessons as well, because the vibration of nine is making sure that you won't repeat your mistakes in the next cycle. You may have realized or received the courage to achieve some big dreams in the next cycle. 

Spiritually speaking, nine is also an awakening of consciousness and realization of your true purpose. All the light workers and humanitarians are being called to take action in the new cycle, and any remnants of karma and ego are being cleared off completely. After these two months, we will be entering the vibration of one with all the wisdom that we acquired along with a fresh perspective on life. Move through November and December gracefully and know that all the pieces are being put together for you. In other words, think of it as the season finale of your show. Don't be disheartened, because the upcoming season is going to be much more epic than the last one.