Miraculous Life

The human body is born with precise perfection and every perceived imperfection is nothing but an illusion. The first breath of an infant is nothing short but a miracle and a perfect symmetrical action. Breathing is often taken for granted, but it constitutes of all of nature’s life. Everything requires prana and without it, there lacks existence.  

To live is to die and the cycle of life requires steady upward progression. The human body is a fit vehicle to transport the soul through the trials of karma and evolution of the psyche. The purpose of the soul is to seek rapid development on the physical plane, which prepares it for the next ascension. Ascending a soul from an animal psyche to a human psyche takes centuries to occur and requires consistent progress to create light. It is through light can a soul attain harmony, and it is through soul evolution can life be created.

The notion that life is miraculous is nothing short of a gift from the Divine light in which we are to take on steady strides to evolve spiritually. Challenges occur to push the soul out of his or her comfort zone, and a downfall is a way to redirect energy on a much higher frequency path. As the soul takes a deep breath and is faced with all the challenging twists, trust is necessary to grow from a dormant state to a wakeful moment. But, how do you trust?

Vulnerability teaches you to trust, because it is through weakness that we can believe that we are protected from harm. When the ego’s defenses are down, soul is in its raw form, the most vulnerable it can be. This is when faith in the divine is required to free the soul from the hardships of the physical realm. It is through vulnerability can a miracle occur to solve challenges.  


Love is a fleeting emotion that the beloved wishes to grasp. It transcends beyond the realm of infinite light. To love is to breath the air of the omniscient being of love and light. Where there is love, there is life; life was created by the flame of love. Every atom has the invisible force of love; thus, every being is made with love. Without love, we are mere beings of obstruction and destruction, therefore, halting the progress of evolution.

The journey to find the divine requires a steady attention towards love; for it is only when one falls in love can the divine be reached. As the journey evolves from searching for love to becoming love, the soul gains strength to fulfill his or her mission. The first step is to seek love then only does the soul begin to question “Why Seek, when I can find it within Me?” As the soul progresses in discovering his or her true values, love is acquired through the thirst for light. Without light, there is no love, and without darkness, there is no light. A certain degree of darkness is necessary to find light, and a certain degree of light is necessary for love to grow within one’s self.

Darkness is created due to a lack of love in one’s life; therefore, mental illness, addiction, and despair are bred in a challenged, indisposed mind. Soul’s light becomes dim as darkness prevails the body, and the aura withers to black. To wake up from this state of mind requires the being to trust the omniscient being of love and light, and to request soul to lift up the veil of darkness through prayer, meditation and/or simple invocations of I love you Soul. All three methods are powerful and blessed with potent light. Our goal as human beings is to find balance between spirituality and life to harness an authentic lifestyle which brings us loving opportunities and protects us from nazar.