Miraculous Life

The human body is born with precise perfection and every perceived imperfection is nothing but an illusion. The first breath of an infant is nothing short but a miracle and a perfect symmetrical action. Breathing is often taken for granted, but it constitutes of all of nature’s life. Everything requires prana and without it, there lacks existence.  

To live is to die and the cycle of life requires steady upward progression. The human body is a fit vehicle to transport the soul through the trials of karma and evolution of the psyche. The purpose of the soul is to seek rapid development on the physical plane, which prepares it for the next ascension. Ascending a soul from an animal psyche to a human psyche takes centuries to occur and requires consistent progress to create light. It is through light can a soul attain harmony, and it is through soul evolution can life be created.

The notion that life is miraculous is nothing short of a gift from the Divine light in which we are to take on steady strides to evolve spiritually. Challenges occur to push the soul out of his or her comfort zone, and a downfall is a way to redirect energy on a much higher frequency path. As the soul takes a deep breath and is faced with all the challenging twists, trust is necessary to grow from a dormant state to a wakeful moment. But, how do you trust?

Vulnerability teaches you to trust, because it is through weakness that we can believe that we are protected from harm. When the ego’s defenses are down, soul is in its raw form, the most vulnerable it can be. This is when faith in the divine is required to free the soul from the hardships of the physical realm. It is through vulnerability can a miracle occur to solve challenges.  

Five Ways to Become More Creative


Your soul is asking you to create absolutely anything you can. However, pessimism and perfectionism slow your growth as a being, halt your progress in your work and obliterate your self-esteem. No stress my friend, there is always a way to overcome these hurdles. Your soul is craving for true authentic work that stems from your intuition.


Listen to Your Inner-voice

This starts off as a soft whisper, a hint or an image in your mind. It shares with you a glimpse of how the future could be or an ideal image of the work you could produce. Everything is tentative in the mind and often, we hear specific words of what we want to do. Take notes on how your mind is functioning and what is coming through. This is related to channeling ideas from your core, your soul.

Collect Ideas

Find work that inspires you to create more work. I find solace in poetry, writings on consciousness, graphic design (fonts) and illustrations. Many individuals make physical inspiration boards or folders on their desktops. I find myself preparing for the future when I’m looking for ideas to work with. This is similar to doing research, which requires creativity as well. You can spark the flame of inspiration when you’re collecting ideas.

Imagine your Future

Imagination is everything, and it is through imagination you can fuel your creativity. When you love what you are imagining, your heart feels content to try. Don’t fear your imagination. It’s there to give you hope in the future. Imagination is the key that unlocks infinite possibilities and realities. 

Write Down on Paper What You Want from Life

Some times, we need to brainstorm our ideas on paper, which is part of the creative process. When you put your ideas on paper, you are giving them power to manifest in your reality. You are confirming that you are certain of this idea. Your soul loves this and it gives you immense power, confidence and courage to put your best foot forward.

Keep Trying

A botanical illustrator doesn’t illustrate the anatomy of a flower perfectly in one sitting. It takes several months and years to achieve a level of mastery. This example is to indicate that trying gets you much further than wishing it was possible. Allow yourself to try out your ideas for some time. Be patient with yourself and don’t compare your growth to someone else’s. Everyone has a different karma and purpose to endure. The circumstances that someone else flourished in are always going to be different from yours.