Mirror Images

Did you know that your mind has the power to attract the individuals that you want in your life? 

The people you attract in your life are mirror images of you in that present moment. They will be reflecting the vibration/energy that you are carrying. For example, you're in a difficult period of your life; all of a sudden, you meet individuals reflecting this. Don't stress. This could be used to help you see your state of mind that's being shown to you through someone else. When you make a conscious decision about shifting your energy towards an improved state, the previous individuals may fade out in the background. 

The people who remain in your life will be able to raise their energy as you improve and grow on your journey. Basically, you can become a change catalyst by shifting your internal world. But, how can you do this?

You must remember that whatever you don't like about the other person is basically what you don't like about yourself. Whatever you like about the other person is what you like about yourself. Now, our goal should be to find more positives than negatives in ourselves and others. We can do this by practicing self-love and gratitude on our own, and focusing on the positive aspects of life. When you are radiating with love and light, then positive individuals will flock towards you. 

Once in a while, we will meet good individuals who are stuck in the grey zone, which is the space negativity. This energy supports anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, confusion, lack of self-worth and many other not-so-great feelings. Who cares? You like them; so, whatever. You might decide to rescue or fix them. You might want to go on a magic carpet ride and show them the world. You might put up with their noise. You might decide to make them your life-long project. Eventually, time will pass and they still remain stuck in the grey zone. Guess who is accompanying them? You. 

What should you do? We must remember that we are not responsible for other people's lives, and we cannot control anyone. Before we were born on this physical realm, we signed up for one life only. We must give respect to our lives by being authentic, free, and loving towards ourselves and others. This is the best way to live. 

If the individuals in the grey zone decide to shift their energy towards healing, then you might see them pop back into your life. However, sometimes this is a fluke and an impermanent state. They might want to stay in your life, but they might self-sabotage any positive experience they have with you. That's a sign that it's time to say bye bye, because we deserve to have our lives to be filled with unconditional love and happiness. 

My friends do not be afraid to change yourselves, because when you do, your external world changes as well. Remember that all the power is in your mind, and you have the ability to conquer all your fears. Be patient and gentle with yourself, and find something positive in every situation. This is the way to having positive, enlightened life which is our divine right.