Risk Takers and Our Society

How many people have told you that you need to take risks to make changes in your life? 

How many people have told you that the most successful people took risks to become great leaders? 

How many people have put these risk-takers on pedestals, hoping that they could (one day) break-free from the reigns of habit? 

However, what happens when you want to take a risk?

The same people will shiver and give you reasons why it's not OK to pursue that risk. The same people will slowly back away from you. The same people will pretend that they do not know you. 

When I speak of risk, I'm not talking about gambling your money or endorsing an addictive lifestyle. I'm talking about making positive changes to your life, such as starting your business, changing your career path, moving to a new country/city, putting your mind/heart/soul out there, and/or restarting your life all over. These major changes are all risks. 

Our society is fear-based, and it's ironic, because it's envious of those who take risks. Risk takers seek freedom from the constraints that our society has built to keep us safe from harm. Our society loves creating business cases and presenting them in classes as inspirational information. However, the minute you are out of school, society is going to try to force you back into safety. 

Hey baby, be safe and get a safe job where you can work safely as long as the work gets done on time. Ok? Love you forever. Stay safe my baby. -Society

Eventually, you may realize that you want much more from life. Much more than what is being offered to you. However, the minute you decide to break the news, you might hear a speech that sounds like this:

Excuse me? Baby, we are not supporting you in this decision. You are on your own. How exactly do you think you will take this risk? Do you have a plan at stake? We are here, trying to make safe changes, and you are trying to disrupt our safe environment! We can guarantee you that you are going to fail, and when you do, then don't come back crying to us. We don't love you that much anymore. -Society

What's going to happen when you take a risk?

At first, you might regret it very much. You might hate yourself for getting out of your comfort zone. Remember that this is a matter of perspective. You will have to remind yourself that you have a purpose, and that to reach the peak, the climb will be slow and painful but consistent. You need to take risks (may it be small or large) to attain your dreams. 

Who will support you?

Maybe your parents, a few friends or no one. Whatever it is, it's going to make you a very resilient person from the very beginning. Eventually, your close friends will catch up to you and support you in every way they can. The ones who doubted you may come back and want to be part of the movement as well. One aspect that you will remember is who was there from the very beginning. 

I want to take a large risk, but I don't think that I have the personality for it. 

Start by taking small risks, such as meeting different types of people, trying new cuisines, attaining smaller yet atypical goals, going to unusual events, reaching out to people you usually don't, taking a class that you never thought you would and etc.... The options are endless, but start small. This will help you gain confidence and inner-strength. Basically, take baby steps to get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes it takes people years and years to get where they want to be. However, the key is persistence and to never give up in what you believe in.