5 Life Lessons I Learned

1) Acceptance

It's important to be aware that we cannot control situations and people to be the way we want it to be. This is why we must learn to accept situations and people for what and who they are. At the end, we can only control our actions and responses. 

2) As cheesy as this may sound, do everything with love

If you love what you do, then every aspect of your life will depict this. By working from a sense of compassion and love, people will be drawn to your positive energy and your world will be filled with small and large forms of inspiration. 

3) Your internal world is reflected in your outer world

What do you see? Chaos? Fear? Joy? Bliss? 

If you don't like what you see, then it's time to polish your internal mirror. It's time to let go of thoughts that are wearing you down or making you feel fearful. Dig deeper within you to understand how you can heal. Be watchful of your self-talk, because it manifests experiences in your outer world (your environment). 

4) Choose to be happy 

Yes, happiness is a choice. Everyday, you have the option to follow this route. When you consciously make this choice, it will become much easier to manifest what you seek and to have experiences that you truly want to have. You need to feel good to attract better things in your life. Feeling good does not necessarily come from your external world, accomplishments or material purchases. It comes from being authentic, doing what you love, pursuing your life purpose, and aspiring to improve your well-being. 

5) Speak only the truth

When you're honest with yourself and towards others, your heart becomes clear of worry, stress and fear. Always fight for the truth, this will keep your spirit free.